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Meeting of the management committee of Zallaf Libya Oil and Gas Exploration and Production

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Monday, 22 of June 2020, Zallaf Management Committee held its regular meeting leaded by: Dr. Khalifa Ragab Abdulsadek, Chairman of the Management Committee, with the presence of : Dr. Abdussalam Aziz member of the Management Committee for Exploration and Production, Mr. Abdulhafed Abuaen  member of the Management Committee for Operations and Materials and Mr. Barkuli ELHabib member of the Management Committee for Engineering and Projects and Mr. Ramadan Ebouda  member of the Management Committee for Finance, Human Resources and general Services, and Mr. Abdulaziz Abdulrahman Office manager of the Chairman of the Management Committee.

In the beginning of the meeting Mr. Khalifa Ragab highlighted on Zallaf employees efforts  in achieving the objectives assigned and presented his deep thanks to all the staff whose working in very difficult climate, due to the security situation and the measures taken to reduce expenses as a result of lack of financial resources .

The meeting discussed a number of topics, and the most important was the strategic objectives of the company  related to ( Erawon field )  production which is expected to start at the beginning  of 2021, in addition to that the preparation for the second quarter meetings to be held in the middle of July 2020, reviewing the objectives,  progress and the difficulties facing each department and the possibilities to overcome these difficulties.

The management committee also discussed  the start of the drilling operations at the (Erawon field) which is planed next month, and in this context a member of the Operations Committee gave a briefing on the meetings that were held with the National Company for drilling and maintenance of wells to discuss the final arrangements for starting the contracting procedures, and transportation of the drilling rig into ( Erawon field)

The organizational structure of the company was discussed in line with business requirements during the year 2020/2021,and a number of decisions were taken.

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