MMC for Engineering and Projects, conducted a site visit to the Sharara oil field, companied by Zallaf Operations Manager, Akakus Operations Manager and Erawin Field Manager


Upon arrival the delegates were received by the Sharara field manager, Mr. Mohammed bin Fayed.

And this visit comes to inspect the facility station B115, which is planning to be used for Zallaf Libya to transport crude oil from Erawin Field, and to see the optimal and safest operational method several ideas were discussed with the field administration and the technical staff, who were cooperative and ready to overcome all difficulties. its results will be referred to the management committee for implementation in the near future.

On this occasion The Management Committee of Zallaf Libya presents the highest meanings of thanks and gratitude for the cooperation and generous hospitality of Akakus Management Committee, Operations Management, and all employees.

After that, the MMC & the operation manager of Zallaf Libya visited the Erawin Field to follow up on the current activities, and the visit concluded with a tour of the company’s office in the Awinat area to inspect the office’s work and the services it provides.

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