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Monthly meeting of the Management Committee for Zallaf Libya Oil and Gas Exploration and Production

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Wednesday January-6-2021 in Zallaf meeting room , The monthly meeting was held and leaded by  Mr. Chairman, Eng. Hussen Abusliana and members of the Management Committee DR. Abdussalam A. Aziz., MMC for Exploration, Development and Production,Eng. Barkuli Abu Saleh Elhabib , MMC for Engineering and Projects , Eng. Abdulhafed Abuaen , MMC  for Operations and Maintenance, and Mr. Ramadan Ebouda , MMC For human resources, services and supplies, and in the presence of the supervisory board of the company headed by Mr. Ayman Al-Ezmerli, The meeting where dealt with several points, including the company’s strategic goals for the year 2021, the drilling operations in the Al-Chadar field, the start of drilling operations in the Erawn field, and several other technical and administrative issues.

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