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The CMC, Eng. Hussen Abusliana, holds a meeting with officials from Jowfe Oil Technology Company on the prospect of cooperation

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Within the framework of joint cooperation between the national companies owned by N.O.C, a consultative meeting was held today, Monday 11 of January-2021, in the Chairman office, Eng. Hussin Abusliana, with Mr. Suleiman Ajil, a member of the Management Committee for Operations and Maintenance of AJouf Oil Technology , And Mr. Hilal Idris, Director of Operations of Jowfe Company, and Mr. Ashour Issa

The meeting discussed ways and mechanisms of cooperation between Zallaf Libya Oil and Gas Exploration and Production and Jowfe Technology Company, this meeting comes based on the recommendations of N.O.C on exchanging experiences and transferring the knowledge between the national companies.

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