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Mr. Chairman Conducted Inspection Visit To The Erawin Field And The South Refinery Location.


 April 19, 2022, Mr. Chairman Eng. Hussein Abuselyana accompanied by members of the Management Committee, departments managers and coordinators, and the director of Petrofac, Libya

 Have landed in the Sharara field airport, The delegation was received by the Sharara field superintendent of Akakus Oil Operations, upon the arrival they headed to meet the commander of the force in charged of protecting the Sharara field, to discuss the final arrangements for providing protection and support along the pipeline route.

Then they, headed to the point of linking the N-field pipeline to the El Sharara field production line (Station 115B) and to see the construction site of the residential camp for Petrofac in the station, and the protection battalion camp.

 The delegation Then moved to the Erawin field and inspected the drilling rig on the E10 well, and the testing operations of the well currently underway, the 30 camp employees and the airstrip in addition to the target housing site for the Oil Facilities Guard and some other civil works.

As a result, the delegation headed to the company’s office in the Awainat. On the sidelines of the visit, The delegates joined the employees in the Awainat office and Erwin Field Iftar Ramadan, where was some issues and points related to the progress of work at the site were discussed.

The delegation also met with the municipal council and some dignitaries in the municipality of Awainat.

After completing a series of meetings, the delegation inspected on Wednesday morning the construction site of the South Refinery project, before heading to the Sharara field airport returning to Tripoli.

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