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Starts up production of (3,000bpd) barrels per day from Erawin field.


March 29, 2023, Zallaf Company officially started the production operations within the alternative plan, early production (EPF) from Erawin field, at a rate of 3,000 barrels per day.

The launch of the operation was attended by the chairman and members of the management committee, the Operations Department manager of Akakus Company, Mr. Director of Production Department at the National Oil Corporation, and a number of department managers and employees in the field.

the plan is for transporting crude oil by tankers at a rate of 12 trips per day from the production tanks in the Erawin field to the surface treatment unit in the Sharara field of the Akakus Oil Operations.

It is noteworthy that the production rates of the Erawin field reach more than 16,000 bpd in the event that all wells and  pipeline linking Erawin and Sharara are ready.

This step comes in response to the National Oil Corporation’s policy of reaching production rates of approximately 2 million bpd, in the near future.

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