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Zallaf Launches Second Phase of Training Project for 60 Technicians


Zallaf Launches Second Phase of Training Project for 60 Technicians

Zallaf, a subsidiary of the National Oil Corporation (NOC), has launched the second phase of its training project for 60 technicians from the southern region. The project, hosted by the Sharara Center for Training and Business Development, includes practical training in various specializations, including health, safety, security, the environment, electricity, solar energy welding, air conditioning, refrigeration, and mechanical turning.

The training course began with theoretical lectures for six weeks in its first phase. The second phase, which started on May 14, 2023, focuses on practical applications. The trainees will receive training from certified trainers and highly qualified specialists.

Launching the second phase of the training project is a significant step in NOC’s efforts to develop the skills of its workforce and promote sustainable development. The project will help ensure that NOC has a skilled and qualified workforce to meet future challenges.

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