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The E4 development well inaugurates the production of Zallaf crude oil

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Friday,19-3-2021 a pivotal event for Zallaf Libya Oil and Gas Exploration and Production witnessed the completion of drilling and preparation operations for the E4 development well, located in the Erawin field and the beginning of experimental production, which in turn witnessed a historical transformation for the first time by transporting crude oil by a fleet of private tanks to the surface equipment in the Sharara oil field. Owned by Akakos Oil Operations in an in extremely difficult conditions through a dirt bumpy road of 115 kilometers approximately, where all operations were carried out with unrivaled success and with 100% Libyan national efforts and with the distinctive support of the National Oil Corporation.

The initial results of the E4 well were very encouraging and exceeded all expectations, as the experimental production in the first tests using ESP submersible pumps reached between 1800 to 2000 barrels of oil per day approximately. The tests continue at different rates until the required results are reached and the performance of the well and the reservoir is assessed in a scientifically and economically accurate form.

An achievement that counts for the management of the company and the National Oil Corporation and a turning point in pushing further steps towards the objectives planned within the company’s operations plan before the end 2021.

It is noteworthy that Zallaf’s operations began drilling and completing the first development well (E4-NC200) in the Erawin field in mid-January 2021, in great challenges and difficulties, most of which are security conditions and logistical support, in addition to the lack of the infrastructure, accommodation services and communications.

But the biggest challenge, which the company has succeeded in overcoming, is to return to resume operations in the region after suspension as a result of foreign companies and contractors leaving the area of instability reasons in the recent years.

The application of the (zero flaring system) was the milestone in the company’s operations in the Erwin field, as this system requires following international specifications and standards by producing, separating, and then transporting crude oil during testing operations to the nearest surface production equipment through tanks and special equipment.

The completion of the E4 well is an encouraging achievement, especially as it was carried out by Libyan skilled competencies and in all disciplines, from the initial planning to the end of the testing and production operations.

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