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Zallaf takes the lead with the return of companies and foreign contractors

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Zallaf Libya Oil and Gas Exploration and Production made a head start by resuming drilling and completing the NC200 concession wells, “Erawin Field”. All companies contributing to this achievement were on time, which culminated in the success of all operations over the expectation.


The efforts and cooperation of the people of the region, in addition to the prominent role of the military force in charge of protecting the Erawin field, which was greatly supported by its task of securing the site and its workers, had a great impact on raising morale, spreading the spirit of reassurance, and providing a comfortable atmosphere.


Many of the contracting companies have left the country as a result of the security conditions and events in the region during the past years. The return of the operations into the region by Zallaf company is a positive point that encourages the return of all activities of the oil companies that have concessions in the southwest region and Libya in general.


The company’s management thanks everyone who gave support and provided a helping hand for the success of its operations in the Erwin field and takes the opportunity to invite all national companies and the contractors to resume their operations and confirms that the area is safe and that all are cooperating at the level of the security services, citizens, and municipalities.

Zallaf affirms that it is about It started its operations in the largest project in the southwest region, which is the (Atshan field,) in the near future.

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