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Visit to Repsol Oil Company

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Dr. Khalifa Rajab Chairman of Management Committee, and as part of a delegation that included Eng. Mustafa Sanallah, Chairman of the National Oil Corporation and Eng. Abolkassim Shenfeer, Member of the Board of Directors and Exploration, conducted a working visit to Repsol Oil Company’s main office in Madrid, Spain. The delegation visited the center for research & development, and training and learned about the latest technologies in the oil & gas industry to produce and manufacture oil & gas. Additionally, the delegation visited Respol’s Petrochemical Plant in Tarragona city, where they learned about the technology involved in this sector — finally, agreeing to arrange future visits to the plant.

First high-level management collaboration meeting between Zallaf and Akakus. (June, 5)

اMr. Nuri Alseed, Akakus CMC, meets Dr. Khalifa Abdulsadek, Zallaf CMC, and both companies’ HSE & technical departments’ managers. The topic discussed was the potentiality of constructing a desert road between Gutta and Sharrarah.

TCM 2017

Zallaf oil and gas company held its first technical committee meeting in 2017.  

Sirte Visit

As a part of technical cooperation between national companies, Zallaf LIBYA has visited Sirte Oil Company in Brega main office on 12-15 May 2018

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