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Discussing the development aspects of cooperation between Zallaf Libya Company and AlJouf Oil Technology Company


Within the framework of the continuous cooperation between the national companies affiliated with the NOC, a meeting on Sunday, 24 of October 2021, at Zallaf Oil and Gas Company headquarters. In the presence of the delegated Chairman of the Management Committee, Eng. Abdulhafed Abuaen, and Mr. Majdy Isaed, Chairman of the Management Committee, accompanied by a Management Committee for Operations and Services member, Mr. Suliman Agbeil, member of the Management Committee for Manufacturing and Materials, Mr. Ahmed Abdulaziz Alarfi, and technical advisor, Mr. Ashour Boudia and Eng.

The meeting discussed many points about the services provided by Aljowfe to Zallaf Company and discussed gaining new business opportunities to be assigned to AlJouf Company as it is one of the national companies owned by NOC having the required capabilities.

The National technical expertise of Aljowfe can be relied upon and benefited from in the implementation of many projects and works accompanying the activities of Zallaf, achieving a high professional work in maintaining wellheads of the Alatshan oil field.

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