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Unprecedented results in the Al- Atshan field


Within the framework of Zallaf Company’s implementation of its exploratory activities in the Al-Atshan field in the exploration block (M.N. 151) Ghadames Basin, to support the strategic plan of the N.O.C to increase the Libyan state’s oil and gas reserves, in addition to increasing production of natural gas to support the local gas network and raising Gas export rates to the global market. Zallaf achieved unprecedented results from the exploratory well (W2-Mn 151) in the Pertlaxen formation (Upper Ordovician), where the well’s production rate reached 20 million cubic feet of natural gas per day through the 64/64 choke. inch. The results of this test reflect the intensified efforts and teamwork carried out by the Zallaf Company team from various departments.

It is worth noting that the exploratory wells previously drilled by various international companies in block (M.N. 151) did not achieve these rates despite the similarity of geological and reservoir factors. However, with the grace of God, then the successful selection of the site for drilling the well, which was based on the accuracy of the models. The geological and reservoir fields were built with national engineers and specialists. The drilling team of engineers and technicians also contributed to achieving these results through the successful selection of the high-quality drilling fluid in maintaining the stability of the well and ensuring the minimum amount of drilling fluid leaching and thus reducing the damage factor in the targeted layers. In addition to the success of the team in the naming operations that were conducted to isolate the water-producing layers without causing any damage or harm to the productive layers.

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