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Announcing the launch of the Zallaf localization project in the south

The Chairman of the Management Committee announced on Thursday, August 11, in a meeting with the members of the Management Committee and the Director of Zallaf office in Sabha, the project to settle the Zallaf Libya Company in the southern region.

The meeting discussed the mechanism of transferring departments and the timetable for moving the company to its headquarters in Sabha.

The director of Sabha office, Mr. Mohamed Galma was assigned to head the project in coordination with the Office of Sustainable Development to prepare an integrated plan for approval and start the practical procedures for the transfer in a gradual and orderly manner.

These recommendations come in light of the efforts of Zallaf Company to implement the article related to the company’s headquarters, as stated in the incorporation decision issued in 2013.

Completion of the preparation for the drilling operations in the Al-Atshan field

A source from the Drilling Department of Zallaf Libya Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Company stated that the NWD-50 rig is fully ready to start drilling operations in the AL-Atshan concession.

The source added that the drilling rig obtained the required permissions after the completion of the detection and inspection process by the competent company.

It is noteworthy that the rig of the National Company for Well Drilling will start its operations on  NC-151 / B8 during  August 2022.

The Petroleum Facilities Guard in the Al-Atshan field receives the residential camp on the site

The Petroleum Facilities Guard in the Al-Atshan field receives the residential camp on the site

A team from the general Services, Engineering & Projects, Health, Safety and Environment, and the Sustainable Development Departments of Zallaf Libya, handed over the residential camp for the Petroleum Facilities Guard at the Al-Atshan site.

The residential camp can accommodate 40 people and includes many rooms fully equipped with all amenities.

The ceremony handing over was attended by the commander of the Protection Unit in the Al-Atshan field, the chairman of the board of directors of the executing company, in addition to the Zallaf company team.

This step comes as part of preparations to start drilling operations at the Atshan site in the coming weeks.

3,000 barrels is expected of Erawin field plan

The Operations Department Manager of Zallaf Libya Eng., Abubaker Tlaiba, stated that the company has developed a plan to start testing and producing from two wells with an expected production of 3000 barrels per day from the Erawin field soon, after obtaining the technical approvals and budget from the N.O.C.

The plane is to transport the quantity by using special tanks to the site of the surface treatment equipment in the Sharara oil field.

This process will continue until the processing plant is equipped in the Erawin field and the completion of the installation of the pipeline linking Erawin and the Sharara field.

Welcome statement

The Chairman and members of the Management Committee and all employees of Zallaf Libya Oil and Gas Exploration and Production extend their warmest congratulations to the Board of Directors of the National Oil Corporation formed by The Cabinet Resolution No. 642 of 2022, and we wish them all success in assuming this responsibility, especially in the current circumstances that require hard work and effort.

We also extend our thanks to the former N.O.C Board of Directors for all their efforts during their tenure of this responsibility, wishing them all success in serving the country wherever they are.

May God protect Libya and its people

Technical and financial preparatory meeting

 Monday, 7/18/2022, a meeting was held at the headquarters of Zallaf Libya i, in the presence of the Chairman of the Management Committee, members of the Management Committee, departments managers and specialists, in order to follow up on the company’s plans and activities during the past period, present the achieved strategic goals and discuss difficulties and obstacles, This preparatory meeting comes to be presented later in the TCM meeting with the N.O.C in the coming days to find out the most important achievements that have been reached and to propose appropriate solutions and solve the financial and technical obstacles for the continuity of work.

During the meeting, several visual presentations and detailed technical reports were presented by department managers and specialists containing the most important proposals and topics to be discussed and put forward in the meeting with the N.O.C.

Transportation of casing pipeline and drilling materials to the Alatshan

A source from the Drilling Department of Zallaf Libya stated that shipments of oil well casing tubes and some drilling materials were transported to the Alatshan field last Sunday.

The source said that these pipes and materials were transported to the site in preparation for the drilling operations to be launched in the next few days.

It is noteworthy that the NWD 50 rig of the National Drilling Company will start its operations in the Alatshan field, which aims to drill 5 experimental wells as a first stage to start producing gas from the Alatshan field, which will feed the Ubari gas station for electricity in the near future.

Firefighting team of the Awainat office successfully completed the intensive training program

Sunday 19-6-2022, at the Operations Office of the Erawin Field in Awainat, the activities of the training course for the firefighting team program were launched and continued until Thursday 23-6-2022.

The course is supervised by the Health, Safety and Environment Department of Zallaf Libya and implemented by a team of trainers and experts from Mellitah Oil and Gas Company.

The training program includes information about the types of fires and how to deal with them, in addition to practical experiences of dealing in case of emergency.

Within the program prepared for the course, the participants learned how to operate fire engines, divide the tasks and techniques used to extinguish fires at oil sites.

Through this program, important information about the ventilator system and how to use it correctly, especially in emergency and rescue cases, were learned.

A field visit to the Erawan and Sharara fields

In a step towards achieving one of the company’s strategic objectives for the year 2022.

A joint team formed from the Engineering and Projects Department and the contractor executing the Erawin field development project (Petrofac), in addition to engineers of Akakus Oil Operations Company, a field visit was conducted to the sites of the Sharara and Erawin fields. The trip lasted for four days (from June 12 to 15), the main purpose of which was to conduct a field visit to the company’s sites in the Erawan field and the Sharara field (NC-115B), during which the connection point and the most appropriate path for the oil pipeline from the company’s site in the Sharara field were determine. To the crude oil collection tank of the NC-115 B station, the most appropriate path for the power and automatic control cables necessary to connect with the station (NC-115 B) for the supply of electricity and the safe operation of the two stations has also been determined.

 During this visit, the team headed to the target wells which will to start production in the Erawan field (E-1, E4, E5, & E-7) and the pipeline storage yard in the field.

It was four busy days, and the results were very successful, according to a statement obtained by the Office of Sustainable Development and Media.

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