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Elders and wise men of Murzugh basin in the hospitality of Zallaf

The Chairman of the Management Committee of Zallaf Libya Oil and Gas Exploration and Production received at the company’s headquarters in Tripoli, a delegation of Murzuq Basin

The meeting, which was held on Thursday, was attended by members of the management committee as well as sustainable development and media office coordinator.

Where the Chairman and members of the Management Committee welcomed the attendees and introduced the most important projects and works carried out by the company, which would create sustainable spatial development for the cities and areas nearby to the company’s operations.

The Chairman of the Management Committee also clarified the company’s commitment to the policies of the N.O.C in the field of sustainable development, the environment, and the policy of a good neighbor with the communities nearby to its oil operations.

The project to establish the company’s headquarters in the southern region was also discussed, stressing the importance of creating a suitable environment for sustainable development and creating all conditions for the beginning of a real economic renaissance in the region.

Zallaf management committee on a working visit to the Libyan petroleum institute

Within the framework of cooperation between the companies owned by the N.O.C, the Chairman and members of the Management Committee of Zallaf Libya Exploration and Production of Oil and Gas visited the Libyan Petroleum Institute, to review the capabilities available to the Institute in preparation for signing cooperation agreements between the two sides, as well as for exchanging experiences in various fields. This visit coincides with the start of the drilling and production operations for a number of the company’s sites. The LPI is one of the institutions that Zallaf relies on in the testing and analysis operations, in which it uses the latest internationally approved equipment and techniques.


Sunday 13-6-2021, the tenth meeting of the Management Committee for 2021 was held at the headquarters of Zallaf Company, headed by the Chairman of the Management Committee, members of the Management Committee, and in the presence of the members of the company’s supervisory body. Discussing and reviewing the positive visit of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of National Unity, in which he promised to support Zallaf Company in its future projects and the oil and gas sector in Libya in general

In addition to following up on the company’s activities, including drilling operations in the Erawin and Chadar fields, preparing to drill an exploratory well in NC. 174, and some other administrative and financial issues related to the company’s activities.

The management committee discussing the Chadar field project

The Chairman and members of the Management Committee and the director of the Chadar project manager discussed the operations of linking the Chadar field with surface equipment in the Alatchan field of the Waha Oil Company. The meeting, which was held at the company’s headquarters in Tripoli, was attended by a number of engineers specialized in the project, where they discussed the plans developed by the Engineering and Projects Department regarding putting the Chadar field on production.

Meeting at the national center for disease control

Within the framework of Zallaf Oil and Gas Exploration and Production’s importance on the health and safety of its employees, and in implementation of the recommendations of the crisis committee of confronting the Corona virus pandemic, Mr. Abdulsalam Ali, Health, Safety and Environment Department Manager, accompanied by Dr. Ali Al-Burawi, the company’s health advisor, conducted a meeting with Dr. Badr Al-Din Al-Najjar,  General Director of the National Center for Disease Control  , an introduction about Zallaf Company and its activities, and the extent of its commitment to achieving sustainable development in its areas of operations, especially in the southern region of Libya were given, and it was agreed in this meeting to start soon the vaccination campaign against Corona virus in the company’s offices and to coordinate to send a team from the Center for Disease Control into Erawin Field.

This meeting was also preceded by presentation of a special awareness lecture through the MS Teams program, on vaccines types, and the vaccination plan adopted by the National Center for Disease Control

Many questions were answered regarding these vaccines and their effectiveness, and encouragement to start registration and reservation in the system according to the plan set by the Ministry of Health.

This lecture was prepared by the company’s health advisor, Dr. Ali Aburawi to raise awareness among all company employees and provide ways that contribute to limiting the spread of the virus, whether in workplaces or at home.

Zallaf introduces a new technology used for the first time in the history of the oil industry in Libya

For the first time in the oil and gas industry in Libya, DUOLINE-20 technology, manufactured by the American company MaxTube, was used in the production pipelines that were lowered into well (A4-126) in Chadar field.

This type of pipes is highly efficient in resisting rust and corrosion compared to regular pipes, which increases the life of completion equipment in oil and gas wells and reduces costly periodic maintenance operations.

This type of pipes has been developed so that they are lined from the inside with a corrosion-resistant and more effective material. Plain Inner Coating of Filament-Wound Glass-Reinforced Epoxy Liner (GRE), it is specifically designed to operate in challenging environments including water injection wells, CO2 injection wells and oil and gas production wells with high levels of gases. It is also used in wells to dispose of chemicals in onshore and offshore fields, in addition to the success of this type of pipe in preventing corrosion in gas production wells with temperature reaches 292 degrees Fahrenheit.

In this regard, we extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to the Management Committee of Mellitah Oil and Gas Company, and the Department of Drilling and Well Maintenance (Oil Branch) for their full cooperation and support for the successful work.

A joint team of specialists from Zallaf and Mellitah will prepare and publish a scientific paper on this achievement.



Discussing ways to cooperate with Almadar Aljadid Company

1st  of June -2021, The Chairman of the Management Committee held a meeting with Eng. Abdulkhaleq Ashour, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Almadar Aljadid  Company, in the presence of, Communications and Information Technology Manager at Zallaf Company Mr. Osama Asherif, where several topics were discussed, the most important of which is finding Ways of cooperation between the two parties in the field of communications and information technology, especially in the projects carried out by Zallaf, and the possibility of employing modern communication technologies in the field of oil and gas, which will contribute to pampering difficulties, especially in the fields and sites of operations.

At this meeting, it was also agreed to sign a memorandum of understanding between the two parties for cooperation in the field of communications and information technology, including the application of digital oil field technology in the Erawin field and the expansion of cooperation in some other projects.

Zallaf and Petrofac discuss a project to construct surface equipment and an export pipeline for the Erawin field.

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The Chairman and members of the Management Committee held a meeting to discuss the proposal presented by Petrofac of constructing the surface equipment of the Erawin field. The extension of the pipeline transporting crude oil to the Sharara oil field Akakus Oil Operations Company.

Representatives of Petrofac Company attended the meeting, the Maintenance and Projects Department Manager of N.O.C, Mr. Najmi Karim, and Eng. Muhammad Ashaibani, and Dr. Khalifa Abdulsadek, Senior Advisor of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the NOC.

The meeting has discussed the financial, technical, and legal aspects in the Legal Department Manager, the Chairman of the Bid Committee, and the Erawin Field Project Manager.

Chairman of the Management Committee meets with the departments of Exploration, Production and Studies

The Chairman of the Management Committee held a face-to-face meeting with the departments of Exploration, Production and Studies, the meeting discussed the work and activities carried out by these departments and the percentage of achievement that exceeded the expectations and achieved successfully, which won the appreciation and approval of the Management Committee. The Chairman listened to the remarks of all the employees of the administration as part of his policy of direct meeting and interacting with all. The meeting also discussed supporting the Exploration and Production Department with more expertise that will contribute to increasing production of oil and gas through the activation of projects and businesses in all the concessions and sites of the company. The Chairman of the Management Committee expressed his thanks and appreciation for the efforts made by the department in professional manner in order to advance the plans and objectives of Zallaf Company.

Exploring aspects of cooperation between Zallaf Libya and Schlumberger in the field of health, safety, security and environment

27 of June -2021, the Manager of Health, Safety, Security and Environment Department have met with the Manager of the Health, Safety and Environment Department of Schlumberger and North Africa Driving, injury prevention and training Manager.,

The meeting focused on proposing aspects of cooperation in the fields of occupational health and safety and social responsibility, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic period, considering the fact the work conditions challenges in the operational sites in a way that enables the two parties to work in safely manner to achieve accident/ fatality-free operations and also to ensure the HSE awareness among our local communities where Zellaf is operating is there and widely increasing!

The safety reports and the recorded work accidents were reviewed and their causes were studied and the possibility of prevention in the future, and it was agreed to prepare a joint HSE bridging document and an HSSE Jointed Documents program to be approved by both parties, after presenting it to the National Oil Corporation, for the benefit of the employees working in those sites and increasing awareness campaigns to reduce Preventing injuries and work accidents, and agreeing to coordinate a joint workshop between the two sides during this year on work permit techniques.

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